Our ministry philosophy begins with the main purpose of the church. The Bible shows that church exists to glorify God through heartfelt worship. Worship will be our eternal occupation, so it must serve as our fundamental purpose in this life.

We can express the main purpose of our church in three words: to worship God.

Worship is more than holding a church service; it is humbly honoring God in all we do. Biblically speaking, worship is a posture of humility before God. The Hebrew and Greek words for worship carry two basic meanings: to bow down, and to serve. To worship is to recognize that God alone is master, and to celebrate it because the living God is a fine master. Bowing down to delight in the supremacy of God is the most uplifting thing we can do. If you have not done that, you have not worshiped, even if you were in a worship service. If you have done that, you have worshiped, even if you were not in a worship service. The church worships by living all of life in light of the glory of the gospel of Christ.

We define three overarching ministry purposes in light of our main purpose.

We must make more worshipers.
We must make more mature worshipers.
We must make sure God does the work (through us) and gets all the glory.

The phrase “we must make more worshipers” reminds us that evangelism is a prime ministry purpose. The only way to make more worshipers is through the ministry of the gospel. The goal of that ministry is the glory of God. Evangelism is more than mere human altruism; it is divine service.

The phrase “we must make more mature worshipers” reminds us that converts need to move on to spiritual maturity so that our appreciation for God deepens. A great God deserves great reverence and love from those he has saved. Our lives bring him more glory as we grow in grace and holiness. A local church must be a vital fellowship in which the entire body builds itself up in the faith.

The phrase “we must make sure God does the work (through us) and gets all the glory” reminds us that true ministry is beyond our capabilities. We must remain dependent on, and faithful to, God in all we do. It also brings us back to the goal of worship. We minister, not to bring renown to ourselves, but to magnify the God of grace and glory.

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