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Student Ministries Calendar

February 2018

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  • CBF Retreat
  • Ambassador Training
  • Ambassador Training
  • Ambassador Training
  • Ambassador Training
Ambassador Training

Ambassador Training happens each Wednesday during the school year and seeks to equip students to be ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:18-20) who carry out his Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) in their spheres of influence. We believe that to be an effective ambassador students must be equipped in the areas of knowledge, wisdom, and character. Students will be taught WHAT we believe and WHY we believe it. Students will be trained to effectively bring the good news of the Gospel to their friends, family, classmates, teammates, etc.. Students will receive instruction in the areas of appologetics, worldview, evangelism, doctrine, and church history. This is more than a dry classroom experience as periodic practicum experiences will be used to bring concepts learned by students into the real world. Students will also be involved in planning and executing occassional activities they know their friends will enjoy so that they may have another opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Mentoring Groups

Every great Olympic athlete had a trainer or coach to make them better. These incredible athletes had lots of discipline, training, and focus, but they also had people around them encouraging them and holding them accountable.

Because we have an extraordinary Savior & because we come from a heritage of people with extraordinary faith…we have to RUN!!!! A mentor is someone in your life that will help you run, and live an extraordinary life for God (Hebrews 12:1)!

Mentoring Groups of 1-3 students will benefit from the investment of a mature Christian adult from our church. They will meet regularly at an agreed upon time and location regularly to study God’s Word, spend time in prayer and share life together.

Service Opportunities

We believe that students are not just the church of tommorow but are also the church of TODAY! Students will be encouraged by their mentor to find a place to serve in our church. Opportunities for service include but are not limited to: audio/visual, ushers, greeters, Children’s Sunday School, nursery, and Children’s Church.

Equipping & Sending

Knowing that our influence as a program is limited, we believe the best stewardship of our time is spent equipping and sending students to engage a world that is hostile to the Gospel.  We desire to give our students a foundation in the following areas:

  • Doctrine – We want our students to be grounded in classical christian orthodoxy, knowing what we believe and why about things such as: God’s word, God’s character & nature, Jesus, mankind, sin, and salvation.
  • Apologetics/worldview – In spirit of 1 Peter 3:15, we want our students to be able to engage our unbelieving world and its messages through the lens of a biblical worldview, being ready to give answers to those who ask about the source of their hope.
  • Biblical literacy – The Bible cannot mean something to us today that it didn’t mean to its original audience. Therefore, it is a high priority that our students are equipped with the tools to properly interpret and apply the Bible on their own.
  • Church history – We value exposing students to the rich heritage of our faith. Knowing the challenges that the church has faced in the past and how they have remained faithful can provide wisdom and encouragement to students as they face challenges to their faith today.
Intergenerational Focus

In too many youth ministries the youth group is merely a silo in which students only interact with each other. This is tragic and diminishes the multigenerational beauty of the body of Christ (the church). Students are an integral part of the church TODAY, and not just the church of tomorrow. We therefore seek ways to integrate students into the broader life of our church. Through mentoring groups we encourage students to seek out a relationship with another adult from our church. Mentors serve as another voice in the life of a student along with their parents. We encourage students to serve in various church wide capacities alongside other adults. Occasionally, we will host special events for the youth and encourage church-wide intergenerational participation.

Parent Ministry

We realize that our influence as a ministry and as a program is extremely limited. We believe that a spiritually healthy home (not a perfect home) is one of the strongest influences in a student’s life for them to boldly carry their faith into their adult years. Therefore, we seek to partner with parents by providing support and encouragement. We desire to help parents own their God given responsibility to be the primary disciplers of their children. We seek to provide parents with helpful resources, and equipping/training opportunities. The primary way we share resources and news of upcoming equipping opportunities is through our parent email list.

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